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Keeping your air conditioner working properly is key to your comfort as well as safety.

Todays vehicles require late model air conditioning equipment utiilzing a freon called 1234YF.   At Sid's Service we are equipped to service late model cars, trucks and suv's.  By doing this we not only keep you cool during summer, they also remove humidity from the cabin, which can be handy during the winter to counteract a foggy windshield.

Running your AC during winter also helps to keep the system in good working order. Air conditioning systems contain several components that can dry out, wear out,  or crack, which could lead to refrigerant leaks and poor performance. 


When you visit us at Sid's Service, our qualified mechanics will perform a system evaluation to see if any repairs or component replacements are necessary to get your a/c system running optimally again.  If your car air conditioner is not running efficiently it could be as simple as a recharge, typically if the system is low in 134A refrigerant or 1234YF there is a reason for it.  If you are experiencing concerns with your vehicles air conditioning system Go ahead, book an appointment with us today!

Car air conditioning systems - Want to know exactly what is happening when your car air conditioner is serviced?

  • Inspection of drive belts and pulleys.

  • Check operation of valves and thermostats.

  • Inspection of hoses and components.

  • Inspect Compressor for leaks and clutch operation

  • Evacuate system and recover refrigerant.

  • Add required amount of refrigerant oil according to Manufacturers recomendations.

  • Charge system with recommended refrigerant depending on the vehicle 134A or 1234YF

  • Condenser temperature check.

  • Suction line temperature reading.

  • Leak test system lines and components with an electronic leak detector.

  • Run vehicle to check air vent temperature and report.

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