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Auto Tire Servicing

Trust, experience and knowledge is what Sid's Service stands for

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Your tires are all there is between you and the open road. We will look after them, so they will look after you.


High quality and in good condition tires are an important safety item. They are the first point in the braking system of your car and have the important role of keeping your car gripped to the road. 


If you experience a vibration or poor handling while driving, have problems keeping tires inflated, or can see obvious damage to your tires, it is time to get them checked.

Regular servicing will keep tire condition and it's a good opportunity to have wheel alignments and wheel balances performed. 

New tires, wheel alignment and wheel balance go hand in hand to ensure good handling.  At Sid's Service we are experienced at maintaining tires and related components and can give you good advice on purchasing the correct tires for your vehicle. 


We also have computerized alignment system to help maintain your tires and provide a superior driving experience for you and your vehicle.

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